Brixton Bookjam, 1/10/18

I had a great time on Monday at the Brixton Bookjam, reading to a great crowd, which included many of my friends and neighbours. My friend Kathy Page had arrived that morning from Canada to promote her new novel in the UK and heroically stayed awake all the way to the end of the evening (pic of the two of us by Oscar Williams-Grut). The final picture is of the writers in the Green Room: (from left) Anna Mazzola; Tamsin Grey; Dulwich Raider, one half of the blogging duo Deserter; comedianĀ Stevie Russell, AKA Glenda Read, Crack Librarian; Dirty South, the other half of Deserter; Marianne Kavanagh and me with my fractured wrist (pics by Zelda Rhiando).


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