The Mechanics Institute Review 15

Here I am at the Keynes Library, Gordon Square on Thursday 20 September 2018, with some of the other contributors of The Mechanics’ Institute Review 15 (MIR15):



Back row: Sarah Dale, Vicky Grut (messy hair), Amal Adams, Valentine Carter, Lou Kramskoy, Jay Barnett, Ian Critchley (face obscured),  Mykola Moss, Kate Ellis. Front row: Len Lukowski (standing), Sogol Sur, Arhondia, Jane E. Roberts. Other contributors include Ailsa Cox, Megan Bradbury, Jonathan Kemp and Leone Ross.

‘A fabulous collection,’ says the fabulous Kevin Barry.

‘Daring, intimate and zeitgeisty stories,’ says Arifa Akbar.

Click here to buy a copy of MIR15

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