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  • A short story of mine, ‘October 1940’, won the Trip Fiction 2021 ‘Sense of Place’ contest. It’s based on a journey my grandmother made in 1940 from Harbin, Manchuria, to Moscow on the Trans Siberia express. You can read the story here.
  • I’m working on a creative nonfiction book with the working title: Ice Flowers: the story of a Swedish family. One of the by-products of my research is this essay on Henri Bergson, the nature of time and memory, and my Swedish grandmother, which was published in the digital magazine Aeon/ Psyche (8 September 2020).
  • My post on the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic in Sweden appeared on on Marina Benjamin’s Corona blog: A Garden Among Fires, together with contributions from Amy Liptrot, Julia Bell, Noga Arikha, Monique Roffey and others. The whole collection on writers in COVID lockdown is available as an ebook with all proceeds to the charity Refuge.
  • Live Show, Drink Included was shortlisted for the 2019 Edge Hill Prize.
  • Click here to read my ‘dream edition’ of short stories on the theme of sex and death, part of Jonathan Gibb’s A Personal Anthology project.
  • You can read my interview about the process of writing Live Show on the Edge Hill website here.
  • I have two posts on the wonderful Something Rhymed website, which celebrates friendships between women writers. The first is a short piece about the friendship between the writers Beryl Bainbridge and Bernice Rubens. The second is about my long friendship with the winner of Canada’s 2018 Writers’ Trust Award for fiction, Kathy Page.
  • Another great organisation, Spread the Word, invited me to interview Maria Thomas, winner of the 2017 London Short Story Prize. Our conversation is the first in their Writers’ Corner series.
  • On Monday 1 October 2018, I read at the Brixton Book Jam.
  • On Thursday 15th November I took part in an event to celebrate the publication of Mechanics Institute Review 15 at Brick Lane Books. Other readers on the bill were Arhondia, Jay Barnett, Len Lukowski, Cheryl Powell, Ingrid Jendrzewski, Kate Ellis and Julia Bell.

Stories from Live Show online:

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